Tuesday, August 16, 2011

End of one chapter... beginning of new one

Five and a half years ago I had a baby girl that I thought would stay that way forever.  How much my sweet little brown eyed girl has grown.

So I have such a range of emotions right now, fear... did I prepare her enough? Sadness... I don't want to let that innocence she has about the world go.  Happiness... She is very smart and kind and I helped develop that beautiful chubby baby into an intelligent little person ready to take on the world Kindergarten! 

To top everything off, my baby Keegan is starting Pre-school as well!  We never sent Kalista to Pre-School, so this school thing is very new to me.  Well, not completely new.  I did go to school....for the most part ;)  To top it all off, my little Keegan will be riding the school bus to Pre-School!  I will have both of my sweet babies start school at the same time.  Not really sure how I feel about all of these changes.  But with time everything becomes easier.

Also, construction has been crazy! So crazy that I have decided to quit my job.  I will stay on as back up in case someone can't find anyone to cover their shift, but I won't have to be on the schedule.  Which will be nice.  I have not seen much of my kids this past month that we have been doing the construction work.  I have to be to work by eight so I leave before they are even up, then get home by 2:30 before I have to leave at 3:30 to get out to the construction site until 9:30-10:00.  So a lot of days I have only seen my kids for one hour out of the day.  It has been awful on me as well as them.