Friday, August 30, 2013

Cake Smash!

It's not too late to blog about Kason's first birthday pictures photo-shoot is it?  Even though it was almost three months ago? It's not? Ok, so glad I got that out of the way.  Anyway, have you heard of a "cake smash" photo-shoot?   If not, that's ok, you aren't the only one.  But when my super cool photographer sister explained to me what it was, I was all in!  I promise, you will not regret doing these pictures for your little one's very special first birthday.  I know I don't!

First though, I whipped up this cute and simple birthday invite to send to his birthday guests.  

Then, early morning on Kason's birthday, we loaded up our balloons, cake, and of course Kason for this sweet occasion.

"Kason's Cake Smash Photo-Shoot"

[Disclamer: If you want your baby to eat any birthday cake at his party, don't load him up on it just hours before.]

[Second Disclaimer: Don't take his cake away too early.  You know, like when he is really digging in and then trying to decorate the house/studio with it.  Otherwise there may be tears.  But at least you will get some cute "tears in the tub" shot.

[Oh and last but not least, throw in a few "bear" bum shots.] 

A very very special thank you to my awesome Photographer Sister Rebecca for this sweet photo session.  I'm in love with them and am convinced now that everybody should get treated to smashing their own cake for their birthday.  Ok, ok, maybe it is only cute when you are under three feet tall.