Tuesday, November 27, 2012

October-November Photo Dump!

So, things have been a bit crazy now that the holidays are in full swing.  I'm sure they are for everyone else too.  But I will just give a quick recap of what's been going on around here for the last month!   I apologize in advance for some of these pictures being poor quality!  My phone camera has been way too convenient lately.  Oh ya, none of this is in any order.  I'm kind of all over the place today!

Kalista got the opportunity to participate in a mini cheer camp with the high school cheerleaders.  Boy did she love it.  She is such a girly girl so she was super excited to be able to try something like this.  I just wish I would have sat on the right side so I could have seen her better!

Kalista's hair is soooo long.  I'm told I am not to cut it until it is to her feet.... she loves Rapunzel.  Go figure. ;) 

The nice thing about having such a girly girl for a daughter is being able to try out new hairstyles on her without complaints.  Dress up is her favorite!  Would anyone like a tutorial on this particular style?  It was super easy and turned out way cute.

Speaking of hair, I finally got my hair highlighted!  I was very indecisive on what to do which is why it took me so long to finally pull the trigger.  But my fake ombre hair was getting uglier by the day so I decided to play it safe with some highlights.  I'm loving them! 

Here was Kalista for Halloween.  She was Snow White if you can't tell lol.  Such a little princess.

Do you see our awesome Angry Birds and vampire teeth pumpkins? Keegan's costume absolutely cracked me up.  He was Dracula, but that crazy widow's peak gave him an uncanny resemblence to Paul Ryan. Ha!
My Kason was the cutest little spider-man baby :)

We went to the annual Pumpkin Walk and had a blast!  The kids were absolutely amazed at all of the different themed pumpkin scenes.

I had Kalista try to give Kason his first bottle of pumped milk this past month.  Ummm... he thought it was just something fun to chew on.  I guess I'm not leaving him anytime soon!  That's ok, I kind of like having a monopoly on him.

This is what happened when I tried making my very first cheesecake.  After all my hard work I went to pull my masterpiece out of the oven and the pie tin folded over in itself dumping cheesecakie goodness all over the bottom of the oven.  I may or may not have cried.  Don't judge.

On a more serious note, about a week before Halloween Kason had a mysterious rash appear on his face.  This is really hard for me to write about because it has been emotionally draining.
 I took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with eczema and given a hydrocortizone cream.  The rash continued to spread across his face and inner thigh and diaper area and became very raw.  I took him back to the doctor and was then told it looked like yeast so was given medication for that.  It wasn't getting better and spreading more so a few days I later took him back into the doctor.  My pediatrician was dumbfounded so he brought in a couple other doctors to see if they knew what it was.  All of them had never seen a rash like this with a few other random symptoms with no relief with the medications.  So he was put on four different medications including an antibiotic to see if all of them combined would get rid of the rash.  Finally after three weeks of this nightmare some relief!  It was actually clearing up!

Unfortunately it was short lived because right before Thanksgiving he got a bad cold that turned his nose into a faucet.  This was taken on Thanksgiving and he was absolutely miserable.

That cold somehow agitated the rash and it reared its ugly head all over again.  I was finally referred to a dermatologist.  We went to the dermatologist today and he also had not seen a rash like this and so he scraped it.  Kason didn't like it.  He looked at it under a microscope and still wasn't sure exactly as to what it was.  So the next step was to biopsy.  He got the biopsy on a spot in his inner thigh, then he stitched him up.  It was physically painful for me to see this happen to my sweet baby.  Luckily he said it doesn't look dangerous but the symptoms are just very atypical so he was hoping to get a better idea on a diagnosis and treatment.  In the meantime he is on a antifungal cream because it showed some characteristics of something fungal.  Here is saying some prayers and crossing some fingers!  

On a happier note, Kason has really grown and learned so many new things this last month despite him being miserable a lot of the time.

 (This was taken right before the rash started.)

Kason weighs over 17 pounds now and learned how to roll over.  He has turned into a tummy sleeper!  He has also been sitting up unassisted for a month now.  The craziest thing of all is that he is trying to crawl!  I couldn't believe it!  He is only 5 months old! What the heck?!  I looked in my other kids' baby books and they were 7 and 8 months before they started crawling.  Looks like I'm going to have to baby proof early!  When he started to get up on his hands and knees I grabbed my phone and shot this video.  Sorry it's sideways, I can't figure out how to change it!  

Sorry this post was so long!  I really should post more often.  Has anyone else experienced a crazy illness in your kid that not even the doctors know what is going on?  It is so scary.  On a lighter note, have you ever had an experience like my cheesecake disaster?  That was a total bummer.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Garage Door Makeover

This was a super easy project that literally took like 15 minutes from start to finish.  In my opinion it adds more character and curb appeal to the house.  

As we were shopping in Home Depot for a new furnace filter we ran across this awesome product.  I always wanted Carriage Style garage doors but it wasn't an option with the program we built with.  I always thought it would be a down-the-road upgrade we would have to save our pennies for.  Little did I know it was an easy project that would only take a few minutes and a few dollars!

This hardware kit was on sale at The Home Depot for only $6.99.  Seriously?! It costs about the same as a combo meal at a fast food restaurant.  Definitely affordable.  How could we pass it up?

Step One:
Place and measure where you want to situate the brackets, making sure they line up on both sides and are level.

Step Two:
Drill the screws in the brackets in the designated holes.

Step Three:
Figure out where you want your handles situated.  There are a few different options, whether you want them closer together or farther apart.  Make sure they are level, then mark where you need to pre-drill the holes.

Step Four:
Pre-drill where you marked the holes, put on the handles, then insert the bolts.

Step Five:
Put the bracket in the bolts on the inside of the garage door, then tighten the nut around the bolt.

That's it!
I think it made a pretty big difference.