Thursday, December 27, 2012


Things have been pretty slow for me here in the blog world.  That seems to happen when life is being pretty crazy.  We had a wonderful Christmas!  

I'm super happy that December is coming to a close though.  While holidays are nice, they sure bring on the stress.  So it is like breathing a sigh of relief when that last present is unwrapped.

Now, I have to throw a birthday party together quick for my little "New Year's Baby".  She is not so little anymore though.  I cannot believe she will be seven years old.  Seriously. Crazy.  I know they always say, "it happens so fast!"  They meaning everyone.  But time still does seem to sneak up on you.

Speaking of, Kason turned six months old this month and with that, he has had many new and fun milestones.  Also, that pesky rash has pretty much cleared up!  Unfortunately, his biopsy came back inconclusive.  What seemed to help was keeping his skin hydrated with a ultra sensitive skin lotion prescribed by the dermatologist, using a free and clear detergent, and a prescription ointment for dermatitis.  I have got to be very careful with him because any irritation on his skin will flare up into a rash.  I really appreciated all of the feedback on my last post.  I tried most of the suggestions including changing my diet, and the coconut oil was also a great moisturizer!

I love this little giggler so much.  He is such a cuddly sweet baby.  We slowly started him on food mostly because I wanted to make sure of any allergies he might have since his skin has been so sensitive.  We are having really good luck so far and he really loves sweet potatoes as you can tell with this picture.  

Kason is much further ahead than my other two kids in the crawling department.  This little stinker started sitting a 4 months, "army crawling" at only five months which turned into full fledged crawling less then a month later.  Now as we are coming to a close on his sixth month he is pulling himself to stand! Crazy kid.  You probably don't believe me huh!  Good thing I made video proof.

 I think I just died of cuteness.  

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and I promise to get back to more fun projects once the new year starts!


  1. You didn't say anything about your middle know what they say...they always get left out :(

  2. Lol Kady, i love my Keegan! I am a middle child too, so i know what you mean but i wasn't purposely leaving him out! In my birthday month post i don't think i mentioned Kalista... I was just trying to keep it short! When are you leaving for Canada again??

  3. you seriously have such a beautiful family! I can't believe kalista will be 7 either! cute pictures!!

  4. Soo cute! I believe you! My first child walked 10 days before she was 8 months old. Looked pretty funny! Everyone would stare because something wasn't quite right, she looked like she should have been laying around!

  5. That is so funny! I swear he will be walking by 8 months! My first started walking at nine and I thought it was crazy. It sounds like your daughter shocked a lot of people, I bet it was so cute to see such a little one walking around!