Thursday, December 1, 2011


It has been almost two months since I last posted!  Building has definitely changed in the last couple of months.  For instance, we have gone from building in sunny warm weather to frigid cold snowy weather.  I knew I shouldn't have been complaining about how hot it was! haha  Building in winter months definitely has its challenges, but I think we have done very well coping and keep going.  

Here is our progress!!!
                                                                     All framed in!
                                                                  Getting roof trusses on!
                                                                   Roof getting sheeted!
                   Tar paper on roof, shingles dropped off on roof, house wrap on, and windows in!

                           Doors in, tar paper and mesh on bottom of house for rock, and shingling done!

Looks like the kids are excited about our progress too!  But do you see all of those piles of snow lining the front of our house?  All of the lovely white stuff was covering our roof and had to be shoveled and swept off.  Soooooooo glad that the roof is on and we no longer have to worry about it.  Once we get the rock on then we move on into the inside and don't have to worry so much about the freezing cold!


  1. I am really excited for you guys!!!

  2. Building your own home is an exciting challenge! It may look demanding, but when all the work is done, you will be proud of yourself and wonder how you were able to do it. By now, I bet your house is all done. And I think is it a very sturdy home since you put so much effort into making the roof and the foundation stronger and more secure.

  3. Sunny days are always the right time to do some house-building. Same goes with installing and repairing your roof. I guess there's no need to explain why. Anyway, the transformation of that building is awesome. I'm pretty sure that house will be living for more years to come if maintained regularly. The looks of that roof is so impressive. Hmm, maybe you could use some solar panels for more efficiency.

  4. I’ve seen the photo of the finished house and it’s very beautiful. I love your dark-colored roof and the way the exterior of the house was designed. I can see the effort that you’ve exerted in the six months of building the house. I hope you’re enjoying your house until this time, and I hope you maintained it properly.

    [ Herb Koguchi ]