Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Month

This is a little late, but bear with me... I'm going to deem the month of June as birthday month in my house.  Seriously!  There is a birthday 3 out of the 4 weeks in the month.

June 5th- Kason

June 12th- Rhett

June 18th- Keegan

Yes, Keegan got two birthday cakes.  One on his actual birthday, and the other at his birthday party the following Saturday.

Plus this year during the month of June we had to build our fence, put up our gates, and rake our yard of rocks to get ready for grass seed.  Because if we didn't, Neighborhood Non-profit wouldn't allow us to get our A/C.  And it was HOT. Like 86 degrees inside the house hot.  So I was out helping Rhett build our fence all the way up until the last couple of days I was pregnant.  Then the first day home from the hospital I held Kason in one arm, and steadied fence posts with the other while Rhett poured concrete into the holes. After that we installed our gates.  Then, the next couple of days after that being done we raked, and raked, and raked, and raked some more to get our backyard nice and smoothed out.  I'm telling you, we live in a gravel pit!  I did all of that within a week postpartum on top of the constant diaper changes and feedings about every 2 hours even through the night.  I would go out and rake a couple of hours, then come in and feed, change, and snuggle.  Then repeat until it was done.  But poor Rhett really never got a break from it.  He worked so hard trying to get everything done so we could have a nice cool house.  We still had to wait a week after all of our work was done for the A/C guy to make it up here from Roy (about a 45 minute drive).
 I swear I could hear angels singing when I saw his truck pull up to our house.

After a couple of hours of work, this beauty was installed and cooled off the house about 15 degrees.

Which was AWESOME.  I was so sick and tired of stripping my newborn baby down to a diaper and have a fan blowing on us all the time so he wouldn't over heat.  It was crazy!  With my other babies I was always so worried about them getting cold and keeping their body temperature up.  But it was so hot in the house it was the opposite with Kason.

Oh yeah, and on top of all of the birthdays in the month of June, it is also Father's Day.   We just had a BBQ with some of Rhett's family. 

Overall, it was a crazy, busy, but awesome month.  As if we weren't busy enough though, Rhett started helping his old boss out when he is not at his full-time job last month.  He is a very busy guy.  I'm so grateful for all his hard work.

Almost forgot, but we squeezed in some time to paint Kalista's room pink last month too.  I will share pictures soon!  

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