Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Milestones

Thought I would share how cute my little Kason is.  I'm just loving all of the little smiles he is giving me lately!

He is growing like crazy, and I'm enjoying him so much.  He is such a sweetheart!  He is starting to coo when you talk to him, and I'm getting greeted with smiles constantly.  It is so much fun to have a baby again and have all of these new milestones all the time.

Speaking of milestones, this last week both of the kids learned how to ride their bikes with no training wheels!  They are so excited to ride their bikes now.  Kalista taught herself in the garage while her dad was at work with no help.  Keegan took a little more coaxing and prodding.  But they both have it down now and want to ride their bikes all day!

Kalista being silly showing off her new skills.

Of course, Keegan follows suit. :)

Rhett has had the week off, so we have enjoyed having him home.  It has been nice being able to get started on some projects we have been wanting to get to.  I will post them once they are completed.  In the meantime, look at my peaches that are growing!  I'm so excited to eat them! hahaha

Also, my flowers are starting to get nice and full along the walkway up to my porch!  They were seriously almost dead after being neglected for a few weeks after I had Kason.  I'm so glad some of them came back!

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