Monday, January 21, 2013

My Sunshine

You know when you fight with your siblings when you are a kid and your Mom scolds, "Someday when you are adults, you guys might be all each other's got, so get along!"  Well, I don't know if your Mom said that, but mine definitely did.

I was blessed with 3 sisters that I love very much and have a unique relationship with each of them.  Was it great when we were teenagers and sharing a bathroom or stealing each other's clothes? No.  Is it absolutely awesome that I have built-in best friends that know me inside and out and I can share everything with?  That would be a resounding yes!

One of the things I share with my sister Rebecca is a love for all things artsy and crafty.

  She has such a good eye for things so I am always asking for her opinion.  Whether it be clothes, makeup, or anything else.  She started her own kids boutique last year called Chubby Cheek Boutique and she has been super successful.  But one of her many talents is also photography, and she has been very passionate about it for a long time.  She has been taking most of our family's pictures for years, so she has a lot of practice.  Her pictures have feeling and heart and don't look forced which I think is difficult to do.

  She has finally decided that this is a good time in her life to take her photography to the next level and turn it also in to a business, so she is running a great deal right now to expand her portfolio.  

If you live in the Cache Valley, Utah area and are thinking of getting your pictures taken, now is a great time to get a great deal that won't last long!

Make sure to check out her blog at for more of a preview of her work and to contact her.

xoxo - Marissa

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