Friday, January 18, 2013

Bed Confession

Sooo, I have a confession.  I don't know why, but it is pretty embarrassing.  So here it goes... For either lack of funds or just laziness I have slept on just a plain bed frame for the past eight years!  Ok, ok, so maybe it is not that embarrassing but it is little sad.

I dream of a big, beautiful, bed with a plush headboard that I'm excited to get my beauty rest in.  Or lack of sleep in most cases from a cranky baby, which seems to happen as of late! Makes sense why I have looked so homely lately ;) Oh well, anyways, I really have been thinking about getting a real big-girl-bed instead of my plain old metal frame. The plan is to build and upholster my own, with the help of my much handier hubby.  That is, if I can twist his arm hard enough to follow along with my plans!

So where is the best place to inspire my bed obsession? Pinterest of course!

I love the low profile and feminine curves of this beauty.  I also believe you can never go wrong with tufting.
Source: Pinned here

But then again I am sharing a bedroom with a man, and I'm sure he would appreciate something a bit more masculine.  I love the nail head trim on this one!

Source: Pinned here

This one would add visual height to the room which would be kinda nice with my regular 8 foot ceilings.  It is a bit more plain, but still beautiful.

Source: Pinned here

Then, there is always the option of creating a matching footboard.  

Source: Pinned here

This is just the beginning of my hunt for my perfect bed inspiration.  Not sure where I will exactly end up so if you have any suggestions or opinions please let me know!  In the meantime, you can find me spending too much time on Pinterest. haha 

xoxo - Marissa

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