Friday, April 5, 2013

One Of *Those* Days

Have you ever had one of those days where it is just one thing after another?  It can be so frustrating!  I'm convinced I'm bound to have one of those days at least once a week.  When you have three kids, a husband, and other responsibilities things can't always go right, or as planned.  There are just too many variables.

I had some paint color-matched so that I would have some touch-up paint for my trim and walls.  I touched up a couple places on my dining room wall.  When it dried it was totally off-colored.  What a waste of money!  So I put the paint can in the mud room.

  A couple hours later Rhett and I were hanging out in the kitchen and I see his face turn towards the mud room and his jaw drops to the floor.  He slowly says, "Oh. My. Gosh."  I ran over to him and see the paint bucket had tipped on it's side and half of the paint in the can had spilled all over the linoleum floor.  My first reaction was, "Well I don't care for the linoleum too much anyways, lets just paint the rest of it white!" 

That was soon followed by laughing while mopping up lots of white paint and throwing away a pair of flip-flops.  Because well, who would only throw away the ruined one? haha

This whole paint fiasco was just after finding out that 4 full gallons of paint that was meant for my living room and bedroom got ruined while freezing in sub-zero temperatures out in my garage over the winter.

I guess my point is, when things just seem to just be getting worse and worse, sometimes your attitude is the only thing you can control.  I know these are piddly little problems or hiccups, but if you can't laugh at those- then when much bigger issues arise, you will have an even harder time looking for the positive.  

None of us can escape from hardships in life either.  They are inevitable.  But so are good times.  I would much rather go through this life seeing the positive sides of things rather than just focus on the negative   I'm definitely not perfect either, but I'm trying every day to be a happier more positive person all around.

I couldn't put it any more eloquently than that of what President Gordon B. Hinckley said.


Here is the link to that article. 

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