Friday, August 17, 2012

Real Life

I love candid pictures. You know, the ones that show you real life. Not staged what-so-ever. Like this one.

Big sister lifting up baby brother while pulling up his shirt and no pants, on an un-made bed next to a messy nightstand with little brother asleep in the background. :)

Yep, this is real life. My life specifically.  Even though things aren't perfect all the time, I'm so grateful for all of my blessings.  Most days I can't believe I have THREE kids.  It is kind of mind blowing thinking about having the opportunity to bring these beautiful little spirits into the world.  The miracle of life is just that. Miraculous!

When I was a little girl and dreamt about what life was going to be like when I grew up I had this picturesque view of the perfect husband, perfect kids, and perfect house.  I wanted that more than anything.  I came from a broken home and poverty.  Moved so many times I can't remember (12 schools in 12 years).   Then at 17, got pregnant by my high school boyfriend.  That could in most cases be the recipe for a disastrous unstable life.  But I have the firm belief that life is full of choices that take you on whichever path YOU choose.  Although there are definitely unforeseen detours and road blocks that are completely out of your control, life is mostly what you make of it.  Luckily, my high school boyfriend turned out to be my husband, soul mate, eternal companion, other half, my true love.  Eveyday I'm grateful for that.  It has allowed me to have the family I dreamed of having.  My version of the perfect family.  Struggles, highs, and lows we are in this together.  With enough hard work, dedication, and good attitude you can turn a bad situation into a good one.  

What I dreamed of having when I grew up was a staged picture of perfection.  What I have come to find out is that real life is so much better.  Flaws and all.  What I have also learned is that the trials that I went through growing up has shaped me in to the person that I am today.  I can recognize and be grateful for everything I have in my life because I know what it is like to not have it.  


  1. Adorable picture!