Friday, May 20, 2011


OK, things have been super crazy around here!  We received the news on May 18th that we were approved for a program to build our very own home!!!  I still can't believe it!  We picked out the perfect house plan that we fell in love with and the lot we wanted.

Then came the bad news.... the plan that we wanted we couldn't get for a couple of different reasons (same plan next door, house doesn't fit the lot).  So then we went to plan B and asked if we could get our second choice in house plans.  That was a no go for the same reason that it did not fit our lot.  Seriously?!  How could we go from such a high to a low so quickly?

Then we received a phone call later last night saying that they are going to try and see if there is anyway they can make the house we want work on that lot if it is situated differently.  I am just hoping and praying there is some way they can make it work.

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